For the Suppliers

During the execution of individual projects JUT-AMP Ltd. works closely with its chosen suppliers and jointly guarantees to all public and private investors that their projects will be executed at a high level, meeting their standards and completed within the agreed time scale.

Therefore, we perceive our suppliers as partners and do not demand from them obligations beyond the contractual relationship existing between the customer and our company.

However, we demand compliance with standards that we ourselves guarantee to our customers:

  • compliance with the Health and Safety Regulation
  • adherence to agreed contractual terms, quality and prices of goods


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The corporate sample documents are the basis for negotiating the Terms and Conditions.
The General Terms and Conditions do not change during the contractual term.


1. All invoices issued must be delivered to the central registry of the company in one of the following ways::

Electronically in PDF format to e-mail address

A sample invoice is available in the “Download” section.

2. The invoice due date is normally one calendar month from the date of delivery of the invoice to the delivery address referred to in point 1.

3. The payment date is the date on which the payment order is handed over to the bank, unless otherwise agreed by contract.

4. The invoice must be issued in accordance with the current legislation and must contain at least the following information:

  1. name of the building site
  2. a description of the work carried out / service provided

If it does not contain the above-mentioned information, or if they are incorrectly stated, the Customer is entitled to request its correction within the due date. After the corrected or newly issued invoice is delivered, the new due date begins. You can view all the essentials in details in the “Download” section.

5. The customer’s guarantee as the recipient of the taxable supply for the supplier’s unpaid VAT on this supply is governed by the current legislation of the Slovak Republic.

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